The Right People

Our experts have been perfecting vapor for decades.
  • Over 180 employees dedicated to working on vuse ensuring our products meet your standards.
  • Our team members have numerous qualifications, certifications, and degrees making them experts in their fields.
  • Live customer service reps provide your feedback to our product development team to make sure we are continually improving our products to meet your needs.

The Right Processes

We leave nothing to chance so you can easily enjoy vuse.
  • Every product and every ingredient is monitored and checked every step of the way.
  • We conduct 100% quality inspections on our cartridges.
  • vuse PowerUnits® are subject to rigorous testing to ensure you enjoy consistency and quality.
  • Our state of the art machinery and facilities are leaders in the industry.

The Right Products

Only the best ingredients make the best products.
  • We only use vegetable based glycerin in our liquids.
  • All ingredients in our liquids are of the highest quality and specifically formulated for consistency and taste.
  • Every material and ingredient is traceable back to its origin.
  • Multiple sensors in our PowerUnits® are specially designed to prevent overheating.

why vuse

to quality

R.J. Reynolds’ Quality Commitment rigorously applied to every vuse digital vapor cigarette. The right people, the right processes, the right products, together achieving unmatched quality standards in vapor for you.